a six-week animal art class for kids in k-4

registration open now

Spring I Session: April 25 to May 30

Thursdays 3-5pm

Are your kids makers and crafters? Do they always ask for more tape, more glue, more paper? Are they bringing home cool rocks, sticks, pet bugs, & more animal facts?

I’d love to meet them, because I was just like that at their age, and never really changed.

Hi, I'm Kate!

I hope your small nature-loving artists can join me for this six-week after-school class. We’ll create a different creature each week using an assortment of art and craft materials. I’ll also bring in some information to share about the creatures we’re making so your child can come home with some new animal facts; but I wouldn’t be surprised if I learn some new facts from them, too!

classtime summary

We’ll meet at the studio space at Paper & Clay, 837 Main St., Melrose. During class, I’ll show the students ways to construct their creatures while giving them freedom to explore different methods and materials. Either at the beginning or in the middle of art time, in pleasant weather, we’ll take a walk down to Ell Pond and get some inspiration from nature. All supplies will be provided or foraged from nature.

details for grown-ups

  • This class is open to kids in grades K-4 but most projects are tailored to the younger kids so everyone can participate.
  • Classes meet on Thursdays after school from 3-5. Please ensure kids have had a snack.
  • Classes can be purchased at a discount as a 6-week bundle ($210) or individually ($40/ea). 
  • Space is limited; please register at the link below!


For questions about the class, contact Kate at kateestrop@gmail.com.

For questions about Paper & Clay, contact Lesley at paperandclaymelrose@gmail.com.

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