Upland: a webcomic
I was very fortunate to work with the brilliant minds behind Upland, a bi-themed webcomic starring dollhouse miniatures. Every week, I get to pair hilarious scripts with high-quality images of dolls getting into shenanigans in their intricate miniature world.
I joined the Upland team after Episode 4 and worked with the writers and photographer to find the best look for post-production graphics.
​Though I had drawn comics before, I'd always had full control over where the characters and speech bubbles would go. Here, the unique challenge is that the bubbles go in last, after the dolls have been positioned and photographed. Though I work closely with the rest of the team during production, sometimes I still come across challenges when the dolls are positioned all over the set and lines ping-pong back and forth, which happens a lot in the witty scripts.
The two example panels shown here reflect the evolution of style from Ep. 8 (top) to Ep. 38 (bottom), followed by a video of my process.