Packaging Concept: Coffee by Weird Al

A role-playing-game-themed French Press pours out the goods on the front of the Dork Roast package, referring to "White and Nerdy."

Create branding and packaging for "Weird Al" Yankovic's new coffee line, which he will sell at concerts and on his website.
As he is the king of mashups, these three varieties of coffee are also a mashup of his style and talent with coffee culture.  and a hazelnut on a hoverboard wearing a bright leisure suit, pausing on the package for Hazel-NUTS! Medium Roast, is a nod to the song "Tacky."
Each bag features his portrait logo on the back, above a short completely accurate description of where the beans come from.

Al's beloved accordion doubles as a pourover funnel dripping coffee into a polka-dot mug.

This hazelnut on a hoverboard wearing a bright leisure suit is a nod to the song "Tacky."