Festival Camp Branding


Signs, t-shirts, and informational cards for a zoo-themed camp at an arts festival


The Firefly Arts Collective holds its yearly festival in order to bring participants together to create, inspire one another, and have fun. As this theme camp would have a lot of silly elements in it (like an inflatable kiddie pool full of stuffed animals standing in for a “petting zoo” one could lounge in), the branding needed to be more on the cartoonish side rather than the realistic side. Firefly is also known for its sound and dancing camps so integrating the animals dancing with lit bracelets also made sense for the environment. One part of the Zoo was the Insectarium, a sheet lit by a UV light at night that attracted moths and other insects for participants to look at, so I designed informational cards for this project as well. 


Moth information cards for the Insectarium
Detail of Salt Marsh Moth card
Hours and location of the Insectarium
T-shirts for campers
Camp with sign
Feeding station and two zoo "animals." Photo by Ranger Pretzel
Signs for areas of the camp