Graphic Design

Concept Branding for Cambridge Science Festival

MassArt Final Portfolio

This assignment for MassArt tasked me with rebranding the Cambridge Science Festival. To capture the interest and imagination of anyone walking around Cambridge , Massachusetts and nearby cities, I introduced the concept of scientific inquiry transforming the ordinary into extraordinary: plants communicating through their roots, a bicycle powering electricity, stoplights signaling one another to coordinate traffic, and pigeons producing milk for their offspring. I placed each of these OOH exhibits in situ with the sign’s concept. 

Character Design and Conference Branding

Clear Ballot Group

For a tech company’s digital user conference, I created illustrations, layouts, and a central character to go along with their conference theme: Welcome Aboard! Each section of the conference had a different slide background, and the conference’s mascot, Cap’n Gull, appeared throughout the presentation. Attendees reported that the theme and illustrations kept them more engaged, despite having to attend the whole two-day conference online.

Technical Illustrations and Documents

Clear Ballot Group

Because many of the stakeholders were volunteers that would use the equipment only a few times a year, it was crucial that the company provide visual layouts and diagrams in addition to written instructions on setting up the voting stations and operating the equipment.

Bird Calendar


After I started photographing my neighborhood birds in 2020, I put together a calendar for my family that year for the holidays. Each month featured facts about the birds, as well as stories of my time with them